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August 19, 2011, 1:14 PM

August 19, 2011


I am always puzzled at the ups and downs we have in our walk for God.  Sometimes things seem to be going so well.  You feel like you are on cloud nine.  Everything is going your way.  Then BAM!  All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, you get slammed.  Bad thing after bad thing starts to happen.  God feels so distant.  How can you get this low after being so close to God? 

I just want to tell you that is life.  I serve a great God.  I am amazed at how God works.  At times something will happen in my life, and the only explanation is my Heavenly Father was in control of the situation.  I feel so close that I could almost touch Him.  In our lives, the people that are in this place are normally the ones that are on fire for pleasing Him.  They are motivated to do whatever it takes to glorify the kingdom of God. 

On the flip side, Satan is very real.  Some people think that Satan is just some sort of idea, something we can blame when things go wrong but nothing more.  I want to tell you that because he is very real, he does not like it when folks are doing their best to live a life for God.  He will fight with all his might to pull you from fellowship with God.  When he does, a person doesn't feel like doing anything.  They may have a job for church, but they are not putting any heart into it  because their motivation is all messed up.  These folks couldn't be motivated to move for God even if a hotshot was applied.  Sadly, this is where many Christians are at today.  They just go through the motions.  There is no joy of their salvation. 

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