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April 9, 2012, 4:28 PM

April 9, 2012

Satan has really been working overtime this weekend.  This past weekend was a really tough one.  Yeah, we were out of school Friday and today.  We did get to celebrate our Lord's resurrection.  Just let me start.  Thursday night, I started out sneezing.  That continued to get worse as the weekend moved forward.  Saturday, we got up.  I was about to get things started for breakfast, and Shilah was feeding the boys.  She got a call from her mom.  Her Aunt Cara had been in a motorcycle accident.  Cara ended up not making it.  Such a tragedy for Shilah's family.  Let me add here, that Cara was an amazing lady.  She accepted me right into her family.  I really felt like she was my aunt.  She will be greatly missed.  By Saturday night, I am running fever.  Allergies had turned into a sinus infection.  I did not need this right now.  Not with one of the biggest services of the year tomorrow.  Sunday morning rolls around.  Easter Sunday!  I could feel Satan's tug throughout the entire service.  Between feeling so hurt for Shilah and her family and battling sickness, I just wasn't on my game yesterday.  I struggled through the entire service.  At some point during my sermon, my fever broke.  Definitely, it was not my best showing for God. . . . . . . . . So let's fast forward to today.  I will always do my best for God.  I will not be defeated by something that is less than the God I serve.  Let me tell you something, satan, you are not holding the reigns of my life.  You will be defeated everytime!  When are you gonna learn?  Greater is He that is in me than you will ever be.  Praise be to God!


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